Shortcut to the Bassmaster Classic for two Canadian Series!

In the bass fishing world the pinnacle of achievement has always been and continues to be a berth in the Bassmaster Classic. For most of us as serious as we may be about our beloved sport, participation in the Classic has always been an unrealizable dream. Though qualification routes exist through the Bass Nation and their regional chapters in Canada, an angler must succeed at 5 different levels of competition to earn a spot at “The Show”. Furthermore, the Canadian culture of competitive bass fishing has been entrenched in the team tournament format and qualification through the ‘Nation would require you to participate at each level alone. This is about to change.



The CSFL taking it one step further in search of Canada’s Ultimate Angler

Stouffville, Ontario – Tuesday, December 10, 2013, – Canadian Outdoor Sport Shows, producers of The Competitive Sport Fishing League, The Spring Fishing & Boat Show and The Niagara Sportsmen Show, leaders within the Outdoor community, have united their forces to bring you an event within an event. Announced today, the first CSFL ALL-STAR Tournament will take place this upcoming summer where all the 2013 National Classic Qualifiers will be given the opportunity to compete as individuals.  As an added feature, Exhibitors from all 2014 Canadian Outdoor Sport Shows will be invited to showcase their product in a one day trade show, utilizing the CSFL ALL-STAR Tournament and its newly proven format as a feature which will increase community awareness.  By doing so, this will bring much more exposure to the sport by building suspense and capturing the excitement that continues to attract corporate support through innovative ideas that create endless opportunities for the CSFL and its supporters.



  Date, Location and Format will be released at a later date.

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