Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers

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The Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers was formed in 2009, and was an evolution of The Conestoga College Fishing Team.  Matt Pezzetta, the founder of the Conestoga team, and current Canadian Collegiate Anglers president, started the federation after seeing a news report on the Alabama University fishing team and what large following college fishing had in the US. The Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers are currently a federation of 14 anglers, representing 7 different schools ranging from Sudbury to London.

The Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers concentrate on qualifying the best of the best collegiate anglers to represent Canada in the Boat US Collegiate Bass Championships, which annually take place every May in Texas, although changing venues to Pickwick Lake in Alabama for 2012. This past May, 3 of the Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers drove to Dallas, Texas to compete in this prestigious tournament. Please visit the Canadian Collegiate Bass Angler website to get the full story of their experience, from the trip to the tournament.

As the federation grows, so does the responsibility to the sport. Every year, the members are encouraged to get involved in the community, whether it is speaking at meetings, volunteering with big brothers or just simply taking someone fish who has not been before. With this younger based age group getting involved, they are showing promise in our sport for tomorrow.

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