CSFL Notice re: Pre-Cautionary Cancellation

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Due to low water levels, the CSFL regrets to announce that the Lake St. Clair events have been cancelled.

With reported water levels to have dropped over two feet, it has left approximately one foot of water to operate with. Unfortunately the Shimano Live Release Boat System cannot be utilized with this low level of water.  Operating under these conditions could compromise the successful release of the fish and possibly endanger the crew.

With this late notice it is difficult for the CSFL to deem a new location and as these events fall so late in the season, the CSFL will not be able to run “rain date” events in its place.

As such, the CSFL is extending the BM SouthWestern Tour to include the Lake Simcoe Casey Cup Wildcard as its third qualifying event. Those competing in the BM SouthWestern Tour for qualification into the BM Regional Cup must be pre-registered and pre-paid for at least one Lake St. Clair event and must have competed in both Upper Niagara events. If a team only competed in one Upper Niagara event they must be pre-registered and pre-paid for both Lake St. Clair events to be entitled. A team may substitute their lowest achieved points with any BM Wildcard event throughout the 2013 season to qualify for the 2013 BM Regional Cup.

The CSFL would like to apologize to the competing anglers for this cancellation.  From time to time, pre-cautionary cancellations must be made to ensure safety.