The Countdown Begins

The countdown officially begins with only 99 days to go until the most anticipated event of the year takes place in Kingston, Ontario, a city that continues to support and appreciate the values of this event and is again proud to host the 2014 KINGSTON CANADIAN OPEN of FISHING.

More than 150 anglers will blast off in search of elusive large and smallmouth giants that lurk the Great Lake in the hopes of capturing Canada’s most sought out Championship Title.  This is where Canada’s top celebrity anglers like Bob Izumi along with truly dedicated professional anglers from across the nation and our American anglers south of the border, who have become a very integral part in the growth of this event, so much so that Jonathon VanDam is included in this year’s lineup, giving Canadian Anglers one more reason to be extremely proud of the Canadian Open.

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To register for The Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing July 24, 25 & 26, 2014 or the Simcoe ShowDown Aug. 22 & 23 2014, please visit for details.

For more information, please contact:

The Competitive Sport Fishing League (CSFL).

Tel: 905-640-2277; Fax: 905-640-2278




Get ready Toronto.  The shorelines of Canada’s largest city has been chosen to become the home for the CSFL All-Star Invitational.

Stouffville, Ontario – April 15, 2014– The Competitive Sport Fishing League announced today that the All-Star Invitational will take place on Canada Day, July 1st, 2014 within the Toronto Harbour.

This summer the CSFL will host its inaugural All-Star Invitational within the Toronto Harbour, increasing community awareness for angling opportunities along the city shorelines, bringing more exposure to the sport and only 3 days prior to the National Fishing Week, where a fishing licence is not required.

The CSFL continues to strive to create a league for anglers in order that they become recognized for their individual performance and, in doing so, making CSFL anglers a household name.  This will allow anglers to be awarded accordingly through high profile venues like the Toronto Harbour, which brings credibility to the sport in hopes of attracting more corporate support so that the CSFL can grow this event, and its rewards, by encouraging manufacturer support with endless opportunities for angler endorsements.

The CSFL will invite all 51 Qualifiers of the 2013 BASSMANIA National Classic representing 7 Divisions made up of hundreds of CSFL anglers from across Southern Ontario to compete as individuals within the Toronto Harbour in search of big bass and the chance to capture the Nation’s 2014 Angler of the Year title.

More exciting details to follow.

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