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CSFL Secures Three Team Positions for the 2015 Bassmaster Team Championship
Stouffville, Ontario – Thursday, May 14, 2015. B.A.S.S. and the Competitive Sport Fishing League “CSFL” announced today three team positions have been secured for this year’s 2015 Bassmaster Team Championship, which unites top teams from across North America for a position and a shot at what is recognized as the World Cup of Bass Fishing, the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.
The Bassmaster Team Championship will take place December 9-12, 2015 on Lake Guntersville in Alabama, renowned for huge bass. A four day event allowing anglers to compete as a team for two days with plenty of cash and prizes including a first place bass boat package prize for the top team after day two allowing the first, second and third place teams to continue to compete for two additional days as individuals for additional cash and prizes including a second bass boat package and most importantly a berth into the 2016 Bassmaster Classic taking place March 4-6, 2016 on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees Tulsa, Oklahoma.
In 2014 the CSFL was one of two recognized qualifying series in Canada by B.A.S.S. that were offered the opportunity to participate in the Bassmaster Team Championship. Unfortunately the CSFL’s 2014 format did not meet the requirements set forth by B.A.S.S.  With slight adjustments to this year’s newly formatted CSFL qualifiers, maintaining no membership fees and not altering payouts, the CSFL has come up with a solution that will meet the B.A.S.S. requirements thereby allowing the CSFL to maintain its quality of service at the highest level and continuing to be the most respected team trail in Canada elevating its profile in making dreams a reality.
The CSFL is pleased to announce the 2015 BASSMANIA Eastern, Central & Western Teams of the Year (TOY) will be given the first right of refusal to represent the CSFL and its fellow anglers south of the border with only one event separating them from a chance of a life time. TOYs will be determined by three qualifying events utilizing the Regional Cup as the fourth event (Wildcards can only be used for CSFL qualifying purposes and cannot be used towards TOY points). Should a TOY decline the opportunity, the position would then go to the runner up TOY within the division and so forth until the position is filled. If a team is awarded TOY in more than one division, the team will assume both titles, however the team will take the position from their higher points thereby opening a position in the other division to the next highest ranking team who will then fill the position.
For further details please visit www.csfl.ca and www.bassmastercom/team.
The CSFL is a recognized leader in the sport fishing industry with over 30 annual tournaments across Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario and have successfully run and operated well over 500 events to date. The CSFL utilizes the Shimano in water weigh in system developed through Queens University, a program funded by Shimano Canada. The technology of properly regulated aerated tanks, water weigh-in scales and state of the art live release boats ensure the safe return of the resource and the future of the sport. The CSFL has a tournament category to meet your needs, offers its anglers and sponsors a leading edge with the best opportunity to promote themselves and their products, and offers exciting professional weigh-ins for spectators and community benefits.  More reasons that keep the CSFL the first choice of tournaments.
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